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MediNordic Aesthetics and Laboratoires Genevrier announce partnership in the Nordic countries

Antibes, France and Copenhagen Denmark, July 1, 2017

Laboratoires Genevrier (http://www.laboratoires-genevrier.com), one of the most prestigious French pharmaceutical companies founded in 1920, announced today a new exclusive relationship with MediNordic Aesthetics ApS to represent, educate and distribute Laboratoires Genevrier’s aesthetic medical devices range in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The brand name of iAlugen covers a complete range of hyaluronic acid fillers designed to allow patients to maintain and regain more youthful appearance, with optimal safety and comfort. These products are classified as class III medical devices.

”After a diligent and thorough assessment process in search for the right partner to represent Laboratoires Genevrier in the Nordic market, one with experience in dermal fillers alongside complementary aesthetic technologies, leading a professional team, along with a focus on education, Laboratoires Genevrier is very pleased to partner with Saila Roitto and MediNordic,” says Alexandre Vacher, Head of Business Development at Laboratoires Genevrier. ”We look forward to working with MediNordic to bring Laboratoires Genevrier’s latest advancements in aesthetics and rejuvenation technologies as well as our future aesthetic technologies in the Nordic market.”

“We want to ensure that medical aesthetics products are made available and affordable to many more people who want to look their best here in the Nordic countries. Laboratoires Genevrier has decades of expertise in hyaluronic acid product development, resulting in innovative medicines and medical devices within the areas of rheumatology, sports medicine, dermatology, fertility and aesthetic medicine, giving us a strong confidence in the iAlugen products and their efficacy and safety. Thus we are delighted to include iAlugen® brands in our expanding product range and look very much forward to a wonderful relationship with the Genevrier team” says Saila Roitto, CEO of MediNordic Aesthetics ApS.

About Laboratoires Genevrier

Laboratoires Genevrier was established 1920 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris where it stayed until 1987 when the company was reborn with a new strong impetus on improving human health and investing heavily in research. At that point the company moved to Sophia-Antipolis, France’s largest technology park

The company now ranks among the top 5 independent French Pharmaceutical companies and is proud to have built the first certified private European center of cell culture for therapeutic purposes in France, today named Genbiotech.

Laboratoires Genevrier offers patients a wide range of innovative and effective pharmaceutical products in its areas of specialty of dermatology, rheumatology, sports medicine and fertility.

Laboratoires Genevrier has built a strong reputation with healthcare professionals, and is recognized as expert in biotechnology, aiming at developing innovative solutions, in particular in dermatology. Leveraging on its medical expertise and full knowledge of hyaluronic acid, Laboratoires Genevrier is committing to bring its know-how in aesthetic medicine.

To counteract the effects of aging, Laboratoires Genevrierhas developed anti-aging skin-care products based on a formula containing hyaluronic acid along with youthful ingredients acting in synergy to enhance the appearance of both young and mature skins. This synergy provides action against wrinkles and natural results.

Today, Laboratoires Genevrier products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

For more information: http://www.laboratoires-genevrier.com/en

About MediNordic Aesthetics ApS

MediNordic Aesthetics ApS is a newly established company dedicated to providing innovative, efficacious and cost-effective treatments and products to the medical aesthetics field and professional skincare environment for the benefit of the patients.

While MediNordic Aesthetics ApS may be relatively new in the market, it is led by an industry veteran of +20 years, Saila Roitto, who has worked within the life science both in the Nordics, Switzerland and the USA both in local and global business leadership roles. The company has an excellent knowledge base within the field of medical aesthetics and devices and has a solid network both in respect to the medical aesthetics customers in the Nordic countries but also with the suppliers and the colleagues and partners in the Nordics and around the world. Therefore, MediNordic Aesthetics ApS is currently expanding its collaborations and portfolio rapidly.

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