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Most homogeneous and injectable filler has arrived at the Nordic countries!

There are several hyaluronic acid filler brands already available on the Nordic market. Why would we want to bring yet another one on the market?

The reason is quite simple: Laboratoires Genevrier, one of the prestigious privately owned pharmaceutical companies in France, has been researching and developing HA injectables for a very long time for therapeutic indications in orthopedics, rheumatology, dermatology and sports medicine and over the last decade, expanded into the field of medical aesthetics. They are true experts in HA technology and the aesthetic filler range is nothing less thereof!

We want our Nordic customers and patients to be able to have the option of choosing iAlugen® filler range for their aesthetic needs as this range is:

  • Technologically unique and advanced in terms of molecule sizing and reticulation, allowing superb tissue integration

  • Due to the technology amazingly easy to inject providing precise tools for injectors and superior comfort for those being injected

  • The only filler range with primary end point in clinical study being safety giving trust and confidence in these products

  • Priced well to allow very healthy treatment margins while allowing expansion of the patient pool due to price point being attractive thus offering options for those wanting safe and efficacious products but not being at the high end of the income level

Laboratoires Genevrier – Hyaluronic Acid experts for decades!

Laboratoires Genevrier was established 1920 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris where it stayed until 1987 when the company was reborn with a new strong impetus on improving human health and investing heavily in research. At that point the company moved to Sophia-Antipolis, France’s largest technology park. Today, Laboratoires Genevrier products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

The company now ranks among the top 5 independent French Pharmaceutical companies and is proud to have built the first certified private European center of cell culture for therapeutic purposes in France, today named Genbiotech.

Laboratoires Genevrier has built a strong reputation with healthcare professionals, and is recognized as expert in biotechnology, aiming at developing innovative solutions, in particular in dermatology and skincare, fertility, rheumatology and sports medicine.

It stands strong in its core values expressed in the vision and mission statement stating ‘Your Health is Our Priority’ regarding:

  • Commitment to being bold and constantly seeking to create innovative medical solutions to meet the patient needs of today and tomorrow. Laboratoires Genevrier continues to invest 17% of its turnover in R&D

  • Commitment to trust through highest product excellency and safety standards as well as sharing knowledge with one of the strongest CME programs to ensure medical staff excellency in providing healthcare

Lean more about innovative iAlugen fillers

Leveraging on its medical expertise and full knowledge of hyaluronic acid, Laboratoires Genevrier is committing to bring its know-how in aesthetic medicine. To counteract the effects of aging, Laboratoires Genevrier has developed anti-aging skin-care products based on a formula containing hyaluronic acid along with youthful ingredients acting in synergy to enhance the appearance of both young and mature skins. This synergy provides action against wrinkles and natural results.

The range of iAlugen fillers consists of four different concentrations of HA covering all the filler needs: Soft for lips and fine lines, Global for medium depth wrinkles, Intense for deep wrinkles and facial contouring and Volume for facial contouring.





Due to the product technology, the usage of the product range for different indications is a little bit different from what may be offered by other filler producers but the results are excellent and duration very similar to other HA filler products on the market. What is different is the ease and comfort of injection both to the injector and the patient!

Science and technology behind the products

While most of the HA products are very similar when it comes to the amount of HA and the concentrations of it in the different products in the range, iAlugen® range differs from its competitors with:

  1. The particle size of the HA molecules – iAlugen® fillers have by far the smallest particular size (up to 40% smaller) and are thus the most homogeneous HA fillers on the market
  2. Reticulation – nearly all the newer generation HA fillers have BDDE as the reticulation agent but iAlugen® products are highly cross-linked and thus offer excellent product durability and structural support needed. At the same time, the clinical studies prove that the amounts of BDDE residue are negligible

This highly micronized density (HDM™) technology is patented by Laboratoires Genevrier. It offers superb tissue integration while providing lasting and smooth injection treatment outcomes.