Who we are

MediNordic is a Danish privately owned science based company with roots in the US. Our focus area is aesthetic medicine where we offer non/minimally invasive medical devices, injectable implants/fillers, surgical instruments, lipoplasty equipment and clinically tested, highly effective quality cosmeceuticals/peels. Our area of operation includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden Greenland and Faroe Islands. We are independent and therefore able to be objective in the partnerships we enter and the choice of products and brands we represent.

Our company is built on years of experience both locally and internationally in the areas of:

  • Plastic surgery 
  • Medical/energy devices (lasers, RF, etc.) 
  • Aesthetic dermatology 
  • Injectables (e.g. fillers/botulin toxin)  
  • Cosmeceuticals  

Mission and Vision

Affordable and accessible

MediNordic wants to ensure that the new innovations are affordable and accessible to as many of our customers and their patients as possible.

Quality and effective innovations

MediNordic aims to bring effective, innovative aeshtetic solutions of high quality and safety to its customers in the Nordic area / EU to promote and optimize patients’ aesthetic appearance, skin health and welfare.

Treatments with results – sound business

At MediNordic we aim to offer sound business solutions to our customers with the newest and most result creating treatments and products. We never compromise quality or functionality when choosing partners and products we want to work with. Therefore, our treatment solutions are at the higher end of the scale regards to the quality and safety while we strive to keep the prices reasonable so more doctors can offer great results for wider pool of patients.

Mutual investment

We want to be at the front end offering innovative technologies to your customers. Therefore, we choose partners who we can rely on and collaborate and who are willing to invest resources with us to bring these new innovations to our customers. Expertise, sparring, availability, thorough training and safety are key words for us. Our partners – be it the producers or our customers should feel that we are in this together – the mission of bringing new, paradigm breaking technologies and treatment possibilities to the patients is a common goal.

The statements of our partners