Algeness® fillers, a breakthrough in subdermal fillers

  • Algeness fillers are 100% natural – so therefore biocompatible with the human organism.
  • Algeness is a biomaterial and the result of a sophisticated extraction and purification process.
  • It is an Agarose gel (polysaccharide) and originally derived from the red alga Agar-Agar.
  • Additionally Algeness does not contain cross-linked synthetic chemicals such as (BDDE or PEG). Those are associated with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. And so the Algeness fillers are therefore 100% natural fillers.
  • Above all the molecular and biophysical properties of Algeness make it a breakthrough in filler injection technology.

Finally Algeness fillers will help you to a more defined, contoured, youthful appearance where an implant-like effect is desired.


The science behind Algeness fillers

In essence Algeness fillers are the culmination of 15 years of scientific and clinical research. And the team’s goal behind Algeness was to find the most natural and biocompatible material. Basically a material that could both plump up wrinkles and compensate for facial volume loss. But also remodeling tissue and rebuilding facial structure.

Additionally extensive research has been undertaken to elucidate the relationship between the agarose structure and the physiological response. And it was shown that using different concentrations of agarose, it was possible to obtain different three-dimensional structures. But each interacting in its own way with the vital and functional parameters of the cell. As a matter of fact Algeness fillers have won a number of awards for its outstanding scientific innovation in the medical aesthetics genre. And both in the US and worldwide.

Algeness fillers - Before and after


In conclusion for the first time in medical aesthetic history, a 100% natural, biocompatible, chemical-free as well as injectable implant is available on the market. And Algeness fillers meets the expectations and demands of the most experienced and skilled physicians and more.

Certainly meeting patients’ expectations can be a challenge. Because they want to see immediate results while maintaining a natural look. But this can be achieved with the controlled injection techniques that can be learned through the “Master Your Results™” course. Because this course includes theory and hands-on training as well as other overarching courses. Furhermore the exact amount of filler is very important when the doctor needs to deliver safe, natural, instant results with precision.


  • Thus Algeness fillers provides immediate volume. So the waiting time for effect, as seen for example with HA fillers of up to several weeks, is not present with Algeness.
  • With Algeness there is no to extremely low migration.
  • The fillers from Algeness are not hydrophilic and do not attract water. Not even in the tissue. And there will be no to minimal swelling after injection. So allowing both the injector and patient to see the final, natural result.
  • With clinical studies behind it, Algeness has proven a durability comparable to HA based fillers.
  • And our fillers are available in 4 different concentrations which are used according to indication. So the higher the concentration, the longer they last.
  • And due to their 100% biocompatibility, Algeness is very safe to use. So allergic reactions are seen extremely rarely and at lower rates.