InMode is a leading global provider of innovative and award-winning aesthetic medical technologies. These energy-based solutions focus on the well-being, wellness and beauty of the individual. InMode develops and manufactures platforms that utilize radio frequency (RF) based technologies. With these, it strives to continuously create new non-invasive or minimally-invasive treatments that can optimize or replace already existing aesthetic/surgical procedures. A comprehensive line of platforms is offered that can be used in different categories of medical specialties.


To create beauty-enhancing, innovative, life-changing technologies as the leader in the aesthetic medical industry.


To be the most innovative partner that physicians can rely on to bring the latest and most advanced technologies to market as well as whose treatments will change people’s lives.


  • Integrity and excellence in everything inMode does
  • Delivering the ultimate in customer service and support
  • Encourage a positive and progressive environment for employees and customers/partners that creates favorable conditions for growth and education
  • Demonstrate community spirit and give back in a meaningful way

There are constant demands for optimized treatment options. InMode offers the most advanced and effective “non-invasive/minimally invasive” cosmetic solutions to keep up with the quality-conscious patients’ demands.


InMode offers various types of award-winning innovative platforms designed to precisely optimize, repair or completely eliminate various treatment issues such as contouring, firming, collagen activation, fat reduction (cellulite), acne, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, irregular skin texture, hair removal, anti-aging, women’s vaginal health, vascular lesions, etc. With clinical tests, Inmode’s innovations are proven to reduce treatment and recovery time as well as effectively deliver real results.

InMode platforms can honor multiple types of treatment, saving both money and space. There are currently 3 different lines of InMode platforms. A dermatological, surgical and gynaecological line, with different configuration options within each area to suit the specific needs of the clinic/hospital. In addition, Inmode offers a hands-free line which has its own platform of possible applicators and new innovations are under continuous development.


The dermatological

Aimed at dermatologists/dermatologists. These platforms can honor various laser treatments as well as non-invasive/minimally invasive RF treatments, (Body-, Neck-, Face-, AccuTite excluded though). There are 3 types of already tailor-made platforms for this segment, namely, Triton, Optimas, Contoura, each of which is suitable for different types of dermatological treatments. It is also possible to purchase a basic platform to which handpieces can be added according to the current needs of the clinic/hospital…

The surgical

Aimed at plastic surgeons and can honour all non-invasive/minimally invasive RF treatments. This platform is called BodyTite. To use this for actual Body, Neck, Face and AccuTite treatments, this requires at a minimum an area dedicated to day surgery. The “BodyTite” platform does NOT allow for laser treatment.

The Gynecological

Of course, as the name suggests, is aimed at gynaecologists. This RF platform is called Votiva/(FormaV) and has been developed specifically for use in this segment.

The hands-free

Aimed at dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons who wish to offer complementary hands-free RF treatments. The Evoke is designed for the face and upper neck and the Evolve is designed for the body with the option of applicators for 3 different technologies including (EMS) Electric Muscle Stimulation, skin tightening and fat reduction.

MediNordic is the exclusive distributor of InMode’s treatment platforms throughout the Nordic region and therefore also for all the advanced handpieces and accessories that can be purchased. At MediNordic, you as a customer/partner are always guaranteed accessible sparring, thorough training as well as help and mediating contact to Inmode in case of clinical questions or the occurrence of rare complaints. At MediNordic we see our cooperation as a mutual investment.



Fractora bridges the gap between CO2 lasers, surgical procedures and fractional lasers. The treatment optimises the skin’s appearance by activating collagen production as well as remodelling the tissue. This with great patient results and no subsequent downtime.

Forma / Forma Plus

Non-invasive, automatically adjusting, thermal skin treatment to activate collagen production and tighten and contour/remodel the skin and tissues of the face, neck and areas of the body.

Forma V / Votiva

A safe, gentle and effective non-invasive solution dedicated to female/vaginal health. Ideal for firming, rejuvenating appearance and treating various indications such as incontinence and discomfort associated with hormonal imbalance etc. No subsequent downtime is expected.


Non-invasive effective solution to target fat cells including cellulite, without leaving skin lax. This equipment delivers advanced heat control and maximum safety.


These are ultra fast and powerful alexandrite/diode/YAG hair removal lasers that combine the 3 most common wavelengths namely 755, 810 as well as 1064. This technology can thus effectively remove hair including both light and dark/regrettable, straight, curly hair and up to skin type VI. With DiolazeXL treatment, patients achieve safe and fast results with fewer sessions. In these 2 lasers, which each target either light or dark hair, a special strong cooler is built in so the treatment feels comfortable and pain-free.


Fast, powerful as well as ergonomically correct laser handpiece which makes it easy to treat with. This device treats vascular lesions such as veins, vascular fissures, “port wine stains”/”strawberry mark” safely, comfortably as well as effectively on all skin types ranging from very light to darker skin. It can handle vessel sizes from about 1 mm to about 4-5 mm in diameter.


Lumecca is a breakthrough in intense pulsed light (IPL) that delivers up to 3X more energy/range for optimal effect in indications such as discoloration, small vascular lesions as well as pigment changes. This handpiece is optimized to treat multiple lesion types/indications with fewer treatments.

AccuTite handpiece

AccuTite is the smallest minimally invasive radiofrequency handpiece in the “Tite” family. The AccuTite delivers with great precision, radiofrequency and heating to the face (e.g. eye area) as well as smaller or harder to reach areas of the body that require accuracy. This treatment which is performed under local anaesthesia can be used alone or in addition to the other “Tite” treatments. It has a tightening and remodelling effect on the connective tissue, tightens and smoothes the skin and activates collagen production. This small but strong handle is only 1.3mm in diameter equivalent to 16 GA cannula.IN

FaceTite Handpiece

FaceTite is a complete contouring solution dedicated to the face as well as small areas of the body. Results similar to facelifts as well as brachioplasty can be achieved without traditional surgery. The FaceTite handpiece has a non-aspirating cannula which allows the plastic surgeon to work safely at the sub-dermal level, for collagen activation, tissue contraction, contouring and smoothing of the skin. In the case of larger amounts of fat, manual aspiration with a cannula is required.

NeckTite handpiece

NeckTite is a minimally invasive handpiece that is particularly suitable for smoothing, remodelling, collagen activation and contouring of the neck and smaller areas of the body. The internal electrode located on the tip of the silicone-coated cannula works inside the fat layer. The external electrode, which is passed over the skin surface, has sensors that constantly monitor contact, impedance and surface temperature. (RF) moves between the electrodes which, with simultaneous aspiration (can be connected to an aspiration pump), in addition to contouring and skin tightening, delivers gentle fat reduction.

BodyTite handpiece

BodyTite is powered by fast and consistent bipolar radio frequency that delivers superb lipolysis. This treatment provides results that could previously only be achieved via extensive surgical procedures. It delivers unprecedented three-dimensional contraction of the dermis and subdermal connective tissue matrix as well as melting of deep-seated fat. Built-in safeguards, including current skin temperature measurement, impedance monitoring and continuous power supply, help ensure patient safety and optimal results. BodyTite is most commonly used on larger body parts such as the abdomen, buttocks, flanks or thighs.


Morpheus8 er en sikker og effektiv minimalt-invasiv mikronåle RF behandling til både krop og ansigt og egner sig til behandling af hudtyper til og med Fitzpatrick klasse VI. Den remodellerer det subdermale fedtvæv, opstrammer, aktiverer kollagenproduktionen, samt glatter og konturerer. Ydermere egner Morpheus8 sig til uregelmæssigheder i hudteksturen og optimerer dermed udseendet af cellulite, strækmærker samt arvæv. Der skelnes mellem 4 forskellige typer nåle-applikationer med hver sin coatede nålekombination. Således er det muligt at behandle indenfor en dybde af 0.5 mm og op til 7+ mm i det subdermale væv.


Evoke er en ikke-invasiv, radiofrekvent (RF), håndfri ansigtsplatform hvortil der hører to forskellige applikatorer som henholdsvist målretter sig kinder/kindben og øvre kæbe, samt hage/kæbeparti og øvre hals. Denne behandling trænger dybt ned i dermis og det subdermale væv. Radiobølgernes frekvens samt varmeaktivitet i det ”Fibro Septal Network” (FSN) øger effektivt kollagenproduktionen, virker opstrammende, konturerende samt bidragende til et overordnet mere sundt ungdommeligt udseende med skarpere definerede ansigtstræk.


Evolve er en innovativ, håndfri ”all in one” behandlingsplatform som leverer forskelligartede æstetiske behandlinger af høj kvalitet og med maksimale resultater. Disse behandlinger (Trim, Tite, Tone) er applikatorer som monteres på kroppen på de steder hvor optimering ønskes og indbefatter remodellering af vævet/konturering, opstramning, kollagen aktivering, fedtreduktion (herunder cellulite) samt toning af muskler via elektriske impulser (EMS) ”Electric Muscle Stimulation”.