Tulip Products began with a simple idea: creative progress. The dictionary defines creative as “characterized by invention and imagination” and it defines progress as “movement toward a higher or better stage”. That’s what was behind the invention of the patented Tulip syringe system.

Today, from full body procedures to basic reinjection, nearly all surgeons performing aesthetic surgery use one or more components of the Tulip system. Why? Because the instrumentation is essential and it is unique.

The selection of surgical instrumentation includes both single use and reusable cannulas, injectors and accessories to these. All of our instruments are precision manufactured to exact specifications. Very high quality metals are used. These metals are highly polished and sealed to provide superb performance, a high quality appearance, and, durability. As an extension of your hand in the operating theater, the Tulip instruments perform elegantly.


In addition to a range of harvesting and injection cannulae, Tulip Medical Products has developed a special manual filtration device (nanofat) that allows the largest fat cells to be filtered out, leaving only the microscopic fat cells. This is done via cannulas and different filter sizes that can be targeted to the needs of the patient. These finely-filtered fat cells are particularly suitable for cosmetic corrections such as small facial reconstructions (including implant-like effects), anti-age filler of own fat, wound troughs, optimisation of skin discolouration, smoothing of wrinkles on the neck and décolleté, treatment of wounds and scar tissue as well as for breast volume.

Even after “fat grafting” from areas of the body with large fat cells, it is possible to filter these to such a microscopic consistency that they can be effectively injected with extremely beneficial effect and as an additional big plus – completely biocompatible in the body.

For more about Tulip products, please contact us at MediNordic – we are the proud distributor of Tulip Medical products in Denmark and Iceland. You can do so by mailing us at info@medinordic.com or by calling us at +45 48 42 18 15.